Siivacord was originally a public "hivemind" account with a Nozomi avatar. She became known as a representation of our toxic behaviour. Her modern version was created by Mister in December 3rd, 2016.



Mister's Canon

She is very slutty, and she can switch from dominant to submissive. She has the ability to change her genitals. She is not that smart. Also, she acts tough, but deep down she means well.

Tiny's Alternate Universe

In TinyGiivaSiiva's universe, she is suffering from a Major Depressive Disorder from being viewed as only a sex object for others. She tends to get underpaid for her work as a prostitute and struggles to pay rent for Willie, her landlord. She has since denounced her job with prostitution and began work as a babysitter, however she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it, and she tends to get catcalled by former clients and people who have gotten word when going to babysit. Her father hates and abuses her.

Sceptile's Forced Lore

After seeing one of Mister's drawings (a picture depicting Siivacord receiving oral from a Shy Gal and holding the mask) Sceptile tried to make it out as rape and attempted to recruit people to uncover more about it. This, however fell on deaf ears and was pushed away, and was mostly forgotten about after a few days.

AtomicBinary's Lore

*note*: I made this lore a while ago because I wanted to be a part of the Kool Kidz Klub and also get in on some of that sweet Siivacord lore action. Unfortunately looking back it was kind of a stupid idea and it also stoleI MEAN BORROWED a lot of elements from Tiny's Alternate Universe. It's been reuploaded here, unedited, for documentation purposes, but I have also made this one a semi-noncanon alternate universe so how canon it is is ultimately up to your own opinion. Anyways I'll shut up now and let you read what I actually wrote. ~Atomic

"Siivacord 2 is Siivacord's unknown sister. Siivacord represents the positivity of the server, usually positive and loving memes. On the opposite spectrum, Siivacord 2 represents the negativity of the server. She is often very depressed and very sensitive and emotional. At the young age of seven her parents divorced. Siivacord was left with their mother, who cared for her kindly (although she did not stop her daughter from watching softcore porn, which led to her trademark slutty behavior.). Sadly, she died at a rather young age, forcing her to take care of herself as early as age 14 by working as a prostitute to supply income. Siivacord 2 was taken into custody by their father. Unlike the mother, their father was an abusive alcoholic who is implied to have beaten Siivacord 2 frequently. At some unknown point he kicked Siivacord 2 out of the house, but unlike her sister, she was not able to become a prostitute. She currently lives on the streets as a beggar. Her last wish is to see her sister again, but her current state of health makes it unlikely that she will survive for much longer."