Summary Edit

Scrade (stylized as ᔕᑕᖇᗩᗪᕮ) (also known as SuperSonicLuigi, GRAND DAD Mania for Switch/Scrade, Lincoln Loud (Scrade), and Team Skull GRAND Scrade) is a semi-regular on the SiIvaGunner Discord. He is known for being kicked many times and even banned, and yet still lasting on the servers. He doesn't make many contributions to the server, but there have been several notable times where he was actually interesting, though usually not in the good way. These include:

  • Posting alot of cropped porn in chat
  • Sometimes being an annoying cunt
  • Getting Willie Weasel to hate him more than anyone
  • Getting banned alot and somehow coming back
  • et cetera et cetera et cetera

Admittedly, though, he has gotten better at not being a little shit in recent memory, ever since streaming porn on Rabbit and linking it almost got him perma'd.

As of 2018, he has matured and become a *normal* user in most people's eyes.

Except Willie's.

He is also known for being good friends with SiIvaGunner team member and Discord mod, CrystalForce.

Trivia Edit

  • He has had many different profile pictures, ranging from GRAND DAD, to Lincoln Loud from The Loud House, to Bellybutton from MadJackRabbit's animations, to a drawing of Bellybutton by the immensely talented Dashiup (etika3ds on Twitter).
  • He is wanted dead by Willie "Ya Boi" Weseal