Monika is a character from the cult classic Doki Doki Literature Club, and ran the Siivagunner youtube channel (Under the guise of the Nostalgia Critic) for a time during April of 2018.

Before SiivagunnerEdit

Before running the Siivagunner channel, she inhabited the DDLC video game and would attempt to engage in romantic interactions with the players of DDLC.

She was never successful in her attempts, and began to focus more on her piano playing. One day however, she was browsing youtube for songs to learn, when she discovered a video of a song that she had created, Your Reality, however,
Your Reality - Doki Doki Literature Club!

Your Reality - Doki Doki Literature Club!

it had been remade to include full piano accompanyment, counterpoint, and pulsing chord bassline. She was amazed, and wanted to learn more about this "Siivagunner" channel.

One day she discovered the channel left open, as if the owner had just left for no reason. So she decided that sicne the opportunity presented itself, and she wanted to improve her musical virtuoso, she took control of the channel. However, as she is a natural born trickster, she had decided to disquise herself as the Nostalgia Critic, and focusing the community onto old memes in attempt to divert attention from who the true channel holder is.

Tax Day EventEdit

After releasing a few rips to get a grasp on how the channel worked, and discovered that the channel does many "events". She decided on conducting a Tax Day Event. She produced most of the music, recruited renouned editor Pixlpit to create videos, and recruited fairly unknown artist Satchely to create the image assets for the fake games: Kirby does his taxes and Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud. With the internal mishap with the IRA, the tax day event was extended, and ultimately received well by the community.