This is a list of the channels on the Official SiIvaGunner Fan Discord:

Text-only channels Edit

  • #da_rules: The Discord's set of rules which is occasionally added to. Also includes rules for individual channels.
  • #announcements: Originally created for important announcements, this channel is known as the mod shitposting hole.
  • #psa: The channel where important announcements are made.
  • #general: The most popular channel where conversations take place with restricted image posting, unless you have a "Picture Posters" role. This channel has been renamed frequently by the mods. As a result, it was also known as pingas, lieutenant, the_general, the_ship and generalsunner.</span>
  • #general_images: Images can be posted freely on this general channel.
  • #general_voice: A channel for voice chat on the Discord if you don't have a microphone yourself.
  • #fan_art: A channel where fans of SiIva can post fan art.
  • #mystery: A channel for mysteries.
  • #game_talk A channel to talk about anything video games.
  • #rips: A channel for the discussion of high quality video game rips uploaded by SiIvaGunner and rips uploaded by fans.
  • #serious_discussion: A channel for the discussion of serious matters
  • #botcommands: The channel for interaction with the various bots.
  • #weebstones: The channel for Eastern media (anime isn't banned here and memerman won't insult you).
  • #emote_ideas: A channel for proposing new emotes to be added to the Discord. They must be relevant to SiIva or the Discord.
  • #robbierottenpicsonly: A channel for the posting of pictures of LazyTown's Robbie Rotten. Closed when Gallery (Alpha Mix) was released but reopened following the discovery of a Robbie Rotten dab.
  • #dabbingpicsonly: A channel for posting pictures of the popular dab dance move.
  • #op: op
  • #politics: A channel for the discussion of (mostly US) politics.
  • #beanspam:  A channel where spamming isn't banned. Nothing serious comes out of here.
  • #the_hunger_gam:  Formerly 8-bit Ryoshima Plains, a channel for community Hunger Games sessions.

Voice channels Edit

  • General: Conversations take place here and sometimes instruments are played.
  • HIGH QUALITY RIPS: High quality rips are played by HighQualityBot here.
  • secret_channel: A channel for a single member.
  • HAPPY HAPPY FUN TIME: Happy Happy Cultist's domain.